Advice is an interesting subject.

How do you tell if what someone has told you is good advice or not?

Well, human beings are funny creatures. And our innate process of judging and pre-judging can affect ourselves more than we know.

Imagine you bump into a guy who is clearly a bum on the street. He’s wearing worn out old tennis shoes that have more holes in them than swiss cheese, his clothes are tatty, looks like he hasn’t washed in weeks, and the smell…

But for some reason, out of the blue he offers you some free advice on how to live your life… do you listen? Do you dismiss it because of how he lives?

We all know what most people would do.

Advice is a tricky subject that I wrote about in the “Wisdom Report” in 2008. This secret little report revealed the 5 types of advice and gives you a very simple formula for cutting through the clutter and pre-judging that often taints the advice we here.

Today I want to add to that to give you another method for evaluating advice. It’s so simple many people miss it.

And it’s so important because every day you are bombarded with messages that either focus you on the direction your already going, or pull you from it with contradicting and quite frankly distracting advice.

One “Advice Rule” is this… “the advice you are given must be something you can act on, otherwise it’s just information”.

Even bad advice can be useful. It can show you a clear path as to “what-not-to-do”. But who wants to waste all their time testing out other people’s theory’s. Time is precious. It’s the most precious resource you have. So bad advice can be costly in many ways but worst of all is the time you lose that you can never get back.

All great successes have been recipients of good advice. It speeds up their learning cycle and accelerates their results.

You could live 100 lifetimes trying to figure out everything on your own and still not achieve the results one person who receives good advice can achieve in 10 years.

That’s why using a formula like the above “Advice Rule” can be so effective. It cuts through the clutter and pre-judging that can steer people off track and away from their intended goals. Good advice focusses you and creates a time warp where results speed up.

You need to decide for yourself if what I have written here for you is good advice.

If you like it, and would like to learn more about the “5 Types of Advice and How to Decide What’s Worth Listening To and Acting On In This World of Information Overload”- I will be re-releasing the Wisdom Report sometime soon. It’s short and highly concentrated, no fluff advice… on advice!

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