There are two things that teach your brain the habit of success.

1. Breakthroughs

2. Follow throughs

Breakthroughs are sexy. In most cases they are PB’s (Personal Bests).
Let me indulge in a quick story with a valuable lesson…

On Sunday morning, I had a breakthrough. I rode 120kms on my bike with SPTC (Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club).

And even with all the marathons under my feet, the couple of half iron mans where you ride 90kms and then get off and run 21kms, it was still something in my mind that came with a sense of achievement.

I celebrated with a little fist pump when I crossed the 100km barrier. Why? Because I know the importance of teaching my brain. I learnt it years ago and I am never embarrassed about celebrating those kind of milestones.

What about you? What breakthrough can you set for yourself and then smash through. Here’s why…

Breakthrough Lesson – one of two things happen when you breakthrough a barrier, in fact sometimes, these both happen which you can only understand by experiencing breakthroughs. First, you finally believe you can do it. Second, you sometimes realise it was easier than you thought.

The satisfaction comes from the belief. That sense of achievement that you have crossed that line. The breakthrough, the PB, the goal achieved is that line. But what I find especially interesting, and this doesn’t happen all the time, is when you find it easier than you thought.

This shows you just a glimpse of what you are really capable of.

Follow Through’s are different. Repeating the process. Doing the same session over again. These are not as sexy. But the true core of success lies in the follow through. No one gets rich saving just once. No one remains fit and lean by eating a salad and doing 50 push ups just once.

You have to repeat the process over and over again. That is why you see “formulas for success”. That is why you see fitness and eating “plans”, That is why you see “systems” in business.

It’s not rocket science to repeat what you know over and over again. After a while it can even become boring. But don’t neglect the disciplines that bring you the results.

I am wiring this at midnight because I promised myself I would write this today. I almost slacked off and went to bed without doing it but I forced my lizard brain to change and didn’t listen to it’s excuses.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post because my lizard brain nearly won and you wouldn’t have been reading this if it had of won.

Leave me a comment – I am really enjoying reading them.

Maybe tell me about your own breakthrough or follow through.


6 replies
    ELIE EL ZOUKI says:

    I truly believe in a systematic say:
    “fake it till you make it”
    It is a Brain exercise, we must follow the following formula:
    Exercise, discipline and affection

    Thank you very much for the follow up
    ELIE Z

  2. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    Nice. If we do these well enough and often enough pretty soon the behaviour itself becomes the reward and we start to enjoy the journey towards the goal too.

  3. Scott Groves
    Scott Groves says:

    Thanks for your comment Elie. I remember hearing the great speaker and trainer Brian Tracy say years ago “Fake it till you make it”. It had always made me cringe a little because of the ‘fake’ part. I believe in being your genuine self by being honest about the fears we hold. Once you identify any fears, you can find the courage to breakthrough. With follow through, fears are vanished for good. I love your exercise, discipline and affection. What a wonderful formula for life. Thanks again for sharing. Scott

  4. Kate
    Kate says:

    Thanks Scott, I kept your message in my inbox without having time to read it until now. Some very timely reminders as we enter a new year and I shall remember my breakthroughs and follow throughs as I move toward my goals this year. Furthermore, I shall be finding a way of teaching my 3 teenage children this lesson.


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