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Solo Success

Want to know one of the biggest differences between successful people and UNsuccessful people…

Successful intimately understand the concept, “You can’t succeed on your own!”.

People who fail to ‘get’ this concept ALWAYS live poorer, unhealthier, sadder lives.

Think about the workings of this…

All athletes need people to help them succeed. More than that, they need people to compete with or they could never win anything unless they are up against other people.

Businesses not only require expert advice, help from staff, etc – but they also need someone to buy what they have to offer. Even the internet marketer who sits in a dungeon, cashing in on Google Adwords clicks need other people to click on his ads.

When people’s health gets out of whack, we often need someone to guide us back on track. The doctor refers us to get a blood test. Nurse extracts some blood. Someone else tests it and analyses it. Someone else sends the results back to the doctor. And then the whole process of cleaning up diet, exercising, etc all requires the help of other people. Even reading a magazine for advice instead of shelling out and using a personal trainer, requires the expertise of someone to write the articles in the mag.

The ego is a powerful thing. And it keeps people from asking for help, asking for the business and asking for support.

Many times these feelings stem to feelings of unworthiness. People don’t want to bother other people. Don’t want to ask too much. Don’t want to inconvenience someone else. And the paradox is, many people who feel like this would probably give the shirt off their own back to help someone else.

If this is you… get over it!

Find the courage to ask for help, support and the business and your life will dramatically change.

And as you find the courage to ask for help, you will find your worthiness will go up if you simply say 2 little words when you receive some help, advice or support. And those little words are….

“Thank YOU!”

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  1. David Webb
    David Webb says:

    I agree it’s an important lesson we all need to learn at some point. I remember the first time I saw you speaking at a Business Swap breakfast back in 2005 I think. As soon as I met you, knew you were the person I needed to ask for help with keeping my business alive.

    Think my email to you was something like: I’m Thinking Big and Acting Bold (your motto) by asking you for help in exchange for bartering my massage services.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, guidance and advice because the business is still paying the mortgage today!

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