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Don’t Prejudge

In sales, we are all taught – “Don’t Prejudge!” Well how would you go if faced with this situation?

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  1. John Hurd
    John Hurd says:

    Brilliant advertisement.
    Were all “bikies” paid in cash or beer?
    Scott would you be interested in presenting at our January 2012 breakfast. date is JANUARY 18TH
    Now to answer the question– it would depend on the movie and my wife’s reaction!!

    cheers Scott

    07 55 241273
    0418 269 136

  2. Scott Groves
    Scott Groves says:

    Hey John, happy to do another breaky… It’s been a while.

    I expect the bikies were paid in beer. That’s how we used to pay them (long story – I might share it at the breakfast).


  3. Scott Groves
    Scott Groves says:

    Awesome Richard. You’ve got balls… And a free beer apparently!

    Just imagine if the movie was “Notebook” and there was a room full of crying bikies. (lol)

  4. Wayne Rolley
    Wayne Rolley says:

    Very nice example of ‘What you see depends largely on what you look for’. So often we go searching for evidence to support what we believe. And surprise, surprise – of course we find it.

  5. Leonie
    Leonie says:

    Hi Scott! I would have gone in! For years some of the toughest looking bikers helped out with the Leukaemia Ride For Life – so many of them were family men and women with businesses in the local community – I got to know some of them and they were great people – huge hearts!

    Hope life is treating you well?
    Talk soon!

  6. "Pa" Groves
    "Pa" Groves says:

    Well Mate, Knowing me the way you do, I am sure you realise that I had a look at everyone of these before settling down to answer your question. It is simply a degree of respect as far as I am concerned. If I was alone, I would make my way into a spare seat to watch the show. If I had a lady with me, I would simply do whatever she wanted at the time, If she wanted to stay, Then we would, But IF she wanted to leave, Then I would respect her wishes and leave, See you soon Mate, Dad!

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