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Original Thought

Original Thought from Immortals What is “original thought”? How do we recognise it when someone has it? How do we grow it - in schools, business, socially? In the hustle-bustle of todays mass content coming from masses of people, fewer…

3 Leadership Traits of the Future

Are Leadership Traits Changing? Or Do They Need To? In moments of silence, it’s nice to sit back and think about the world, where it’s going and what we’re leaving behind for the children of tomorrow. For over 100 years, we’ve seen…
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Ideas: Novelty or Core Strategy?

Why Do  Some Companies Treat Ideas as Novelty Instead of Core Strategy? As a consultant to many industries, sectors and businesses, this article may be somewhat of a venting rant but I think it needs to be said so we can all step back for…
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Leadership vs Status Quo

Leaders challenge the status quo. Managers maintain it. Managers believe they have "been there and done it" and it cannot be done any better so they therefore are negative. Leaders believe there are people that can do things better than…
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Leadership – Communication Crack

  Crack # 2 - The Communication Crack How often do you see businesses fail in the areas of communication. Too many people working on the same thing. No one working on the important thing. People unclear about where the business is going…