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10,000 Hours

For years there has been research, debate and studies done on "Experts", the "Elite" and the "Best of the Best". What does it take to be a "pro"? What separates the great from the mediocre" Let me keep this simple... The Expert Factors…
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How You Make Customers – Happy or Bummed!

Customers happiness is not based on the quality of your product! Nope... in fact, it's not even based on whether it works or lasts. When a customer buys, they buy because you promised them something. A benefit or a payoff in exchange for…
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Life has seasons. My good friend "Hicksy" recently reminded me that everything in life has its season. From relationships, to business, careers, and even your physical health will go through its cycle of seasons. In some instances, the…
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Want better results in life? There is one simple answer to those who want to change their circumstances. The title of this blog "consistency" obviously gives it away. So now let's dissect it. You can't get fit doing 50 push ups just once…
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Business Lesson – Skim Clean or Cut Down?

What I am about to share with you applies to business systems, leadership, sales and marketing, lead generation systems - you name it!!! It's a simple principle but powerful nonetheless. Over the Xmas holidays I did some of the usual around…
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Solo Success

Want to know one of the biggest differences between successful people and UNsuccessful people... Successful intimately understand the concept, "You can't succeed on your own!". People who fail to 'get' this concept ALWAYS live poorer,…
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Don’t Prejudge

In sales, we are all taught - "Don't Prejudge!" Well how would you go if faced with this situation?